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We are a production oriented group who focuses on preparing members to participate in our projects or make their own. Check out some of our work below: 

Sizzle Reel

A sample of GiANT's work. 

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A young man finds himself in an unfamiliar world, surrounded by people who use cue cards to communicate rather than speak for themselves.

Directed and written by

Sasha Gebert and Edward Diven

Campus MovieFest Silver Tripod Winner

Jury Award - Cinematography

Dang Foods Commercial

"Sometimes the chips just fall in your flavor"

A commercial for Dang Foods' new coconut chip snacks, starring Bay Area rapper Chow Mane. 

Directed and written by

Sasha Gebert and Edward Diven

Boombox Blues

After four friends lose their source of entertainment they learn to entertain themselves through the production of their own music.

Written and directed by 

Edward Diven

Lana and Charlie lie in Bed

A young woman struggles to see the best in her manipulative boyfriend but her desire to make him change proves not enough. 

Written and directed by

Edward Diven

Best Experimental Film - Grizzly Film Fest

Girls' Night

Three girls go to unusual lengths to win the affections of a boy.

Written and directed by 

Tara James

Dolce & GAbbana Parody

A parody of the Dolce & Gabbana commercial for their "Light Blue" fragrance.

Written and directed by

Sasha Gebert

Aaj Jaane ki Zid Na Karo

A Bollywood dance video choreographed and performed by Heeral Shivnani, and produced by GiANT Filmmakers and SuperSlim Productions.

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