GiANT Filmmakers is UC Berkeley's student film club oriented around both workshops and production. We support young filmmakers by producing short student films and helping artists explore their creativity through directing, cinematography, and screenwriting. 


This semester, GiANT is transitioning to project-based curriculum. Over the course of the semester, members will create a project of their choosing with our support, whether it be a short film, a feature screenplay, a production design proposal, or even a series of film posters. Members will work closely with a small of group of similarly inclined students in order to create a space of collaboration and inspiration that allows for constructive feedback and support. 

We are committed to our goals of both teaching technical skills and providing opportunities for members to exercise those skills in a professional setting.

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We co-sponsored the world's largest student film festival's 2018 appearance at UC Berkeley.


We offer resources, equipment, and support to aspiring student filmmakers for their projects.


We produce professional quality films where students are in charge of everything from storyboarding to scoring.